Monday, 27 July 2009

Swell Queen

Hello my dear friends,

How has your week been? Mine has been good thanks. I've had a few commissions come in, including a bridal piece which I'm really excited about. I'm thinking lots of pearl and a special vintage centre piece....but more on that soon!

I've got some more exciting news to report. As you may already know, I've been a contributor to the wonderful Queens of Vintage for a while now, so I was over the moon when they asked me to be an Editorial Assistant! I really enjoy writing for the Queens, so I'm really excited about getting more involved.

Here's a photo with me and the brilliant editor, Lena:

If you haven't visited the Queens of Vintage before, I highly recommend that you do (and not just because I work for them). You'll find all sorts of interesting articles and exclusive competitions. It's getting bigger and better all the time! If you fancy having a read, click here.

Also, thank you so much for your amazing comments on my photoshoot photos. I've nearly got them all now, and they look great. I'll post some more up soon, perhaps at the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by. You stay classy, world wide web.

Much love,

Swell Vintage


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Swell shoot

Hello, my lovely friends!

See, I told you I'd be back, posting regularly again. How have you been?

I've been very good thanks, especially because the final photos from the first ever Swell Vintage photoshoot have been coming over from the wonderful Joanna B! She is such an incredible photographer, and I really can't thank her enough for all of her hard work.

To tell you the truth, I was so nervous about this photoshoot. I felt like my pieces weren't good enough, and that I was totally out of my depth working with such talented people. But when I got there, the team was so lovely and welcoming, and I instantly felt at ease. It turned out to be a really fun day, and I absolutely love every single image I've seen so far. I still can't get over how well my jewellery went with Mint Siren's incredible lingerie!

Fancy a little taster? Here are a few of my favourite pictures so far:

I think you'll agree, Rosey and Skye look absolutely stunning in these photos, and the hair by Amber-Rose Peake and make-up by Maria Papadopoulou fits the vintage style aesthetic perfectly.

What do you think of the pictures then? Any thoughts or feedback will be greatly received and appreciated. Would you like to see more pictures from the shoot? Let me know.

In other news, sales of my collection in Edinburgh have been going really well and Trinket have requested six more pieces! I'm over the moon that this collection is doing well, as I was worried it was a bit too extravagant! Thank you, lovely people of Edinburgh.

I've also had some very exciting news regarding Queens of Vintage. I'll tell you more when things are more concrete...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Did you get up to anything fun?

Much love,

Swell Vintage


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Return of the swell

Hello, my lovely friends!

It's been a LONG time! I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. How have you all been? I've missed you ever so much!

So much has been happening in the little world of Swell Vintage since we last spoke. I don't want to bore you with an insanely long post, but I will break it down into easily digestible bullet points:

  • First things first, I moved house! I now live in sunny East London, and I'm loving every minute of it. It's so nice to live near civilisation and to be near my friends. My flat is also rather lovely (I will post pics one my room is finished).

  • I had the first ever professional Swell Vintage photoshoot! It was such a brilliant day, and I'm so grateful to my friend Skye for organising it for me. We collaborated with the amazing Josefine of Mint Siren, who provided us with the most incredibly gorgeous vintage-style lingerie. I'm starting to get the finished photos over from the wonderfully talented Joanna B, and they're looking amazing. I'll post them when I have them all, but for now here's a sneaky peak from behind the scenes.
Here is the beautiful Rosey, being snapped by Joanna B.

All hands on deck! Skye has her amazing hair done by the lovely Amber-Rose Peake and her make-up by Maria Papadopoulou.

A perfect match! My jewellery and Mint Siren lingerie - I don't think we could have matched the colours better if we tried!

It was so much fun! Thanks for a great day, ladies!

You can see the rest of my photos on my Flickr, but watch this space for the final shots!

  • I did my first ever fair! As mentioned in previous posts, I attended the Winchester Handm@de fair on Sunday and it was so much fun! Everyone there was so nice and welcoming. I love the community aspect of doing what I do, and it was great to step out from behind the computer screen and meet real people for a change! Here are some photos of my stand:

I had so much fun at the fair. I sold a few of my pieces, and I also got offered a very exciting opportunity - yay! I'll definitely consider doing another fair, especially a Handm@de one. There was so many talented people there. I could have easily spent all of my profits!

  • I've sent off my second collection to Trinket in Edinburgh! It's definitely my most extravagant collection ever, so if you live locally why not pop in and have a look?

  • It turned 23 the other day! It's a pretty insignificant age, but I had a truly amazing time and celebrated with some great people.

I think that's more than enough for now! Now that I'm settled in my new place I'll be blogging regularly and posting pictures of new pieces, as normal.

Thanks for reading, and please stop by again soon!

Much love,

Swell Vintage