Sunday, 29 June 2014

A girl's REAL best friend

If you've met me in real life, chances are you've heard me talk about my two great loves in life (after my bearded man, family, friends etc., obviously). These loves are simple, but continue to be very important to me: the first is Poirot, and the second is dogs.

I love dogs. Ever since I was very small, I've dreamed of owning one, but unfortunately it's never been the right time or circumstance. My father was never a "dog person", so I wasn't allowed one as a child. Since graduating university and joining the world of full-time employment, I've only ever lived in flats with limited space and free time. People have told me I should just get a dog regardless, but I truly believe you shouldn't get any kind of pet unless you have the time, space and means to dedicate to them. That being said, I still want to be in the company of dogs as much as possible.

Enter Borrow My Doggy.

If you've never heard of it before, prepare to have your life changed. Borrow My Doggy is a brilliant website that connects people that love dogs with owners that are happy to share their furry friends, or need someone to help out with walks, dog sitting and things like that - basically exactly what I've been looking for.

I signed up straight away, and found a very beautiful Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Turtle that lived a mere 2 miles from me. I sent her owner a message, and fortunately Turtle's owner, Svezone, was just as lovely as her dog! We met up for a 'Welcome Woof' and all got on swimmingly. I'm happy to say that Turtle and I have been on a few doggy dates since then, and it's been brilliant. Turtle is so sweet and incredibly well-behaved. Even my family love it when she comes over, especially my little nephew. Whether we're going for walks, playing tug of war (usually with my slippers) or just relaxing in front of the TV, having Turtle around just makes the day better.

This whole blog post is basically an excuse for me to show off some pictures of Turtle, because I'm really chuffed to have her as my little doggy friend. Until I'm in a position to have a dog of my own (fingers crossed it'll happen in the not-so-distant future), I'm really enjoying my Turtle time.

Turtle the Miniature Schnauzer
In the park today. Green is definitely her colour. 

Turtle the Miniature Schnauzer
Stealing my slippers!

photo 2 (1)
Looking in my mirror. This picture never fails to make me smile.

Turtle the Miniature Schnauzer and I
Me and my furry little friend

If you need a doggy in your life or have one you'd like to share, I highly recommend you check out Borrow My Doggy. If you're lucky like me, you may make some new friends - human or otherwise! 

Much love,

Swell Vintage


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Simply the best

Earlier this week, I was invited to the Udderbelly Festival on London's Southbank to see show called A Simple Space. I'd never heard of it before, but the promise of "an amazing, uniquely no-frills show which champions the incredibly artistry of the human body over traditional circus gimmick" was just too intriguing to resist.

A Simple Space provides exactly what it says on the tin: there are no frills, no elaborate costumes or flamboyant sets. The show is stripped back to put the entire focus on the performers and, let me tell you, there is plenty to see. I don't want to spoil the show too much for you in case you decide to go yourself (and you really, really should), but highlights include the performers falling from insane heights, standing on each others heads, throwing and flipping each other around like rag dolls and so much more. Here's a little video of the show to whet your appetite:

Gravity & Other Myths, the creators and performers of the show, are an Australian acrobatics ensemble made up of six men and two women - all of whom are now my personal heroes. After seeing the show, I can completely understand why they have won so many awards and achieved recognition all over the world. Not only was each performer incredibly talented, mind blowing-ly strong and impossibly flexible, but they were also extremely witty and engaging. Rather than staying within the figurative walls of the stage, they would smile and laugh with the audience, inviting us to be in on the joke. It's nice to feel included, and the friendship and chemistry between each of them makes the show that much more enjoyable.

To put it simply (pun intended), A Simple Space is an incredible show. I spent the whole show with my mouth agape, occasionally muttering expletives in my utter astonishment. If you live in the London area or fancy taking a trip, I highly recommend booking tickets to see A Simple Space. They're in London until 6th July 2014, and then they'll be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe from 28th - 30th August 2014.  I guarantee you'll leave the show feeling happy, inspired and desperate to be more flexible.

Much lovely,

Swell Vintage