Sunday, 11 November 2012

Where my dogs at?

Please excuse the rather gangster title of this post. I promise you it's all wholesome and smooth sailing from here onwards...

If you know me in the real life world or follow me on Twitter, you may know that I am moving into a few flat VERY SOON! Aside from how physically and mentally dulling moving can be, I am very excited, as this will be the first time I have free reign to do what I like with my living space in terms of decorating (providing my bearded man is happy with it too, of course...).

My first thought when buying things for my new flat? Dogs. I love dogs. It's been my life-long dream to own a dog, but as I'm not in a position to have one just yet (don't just own a dog for the sake of it, people), I plan to make up for it in other areas.

Since seeing this Dog Chart Print by Polly Horner in Magma a while ago, it's been at the top of my lust list. I love Polly's style, and she's chosen some rather brilliant dogs for it. If she had a Beagle on there too, all of my dreams would come true...

As if that weren't enough, Polly Horner has now also done a range of pillow cases for Magma - I've died and gone to doggie heaven!

At £30 a pop, they're not cheap, so I plan to maybe buy one a month. It's still cheaper than buying a real dog!

I also spotted these ones in Inspitalfields (cleverly located in Spitalfields!) - I just love a dog in uniform...

What do you think of my choice of doggie-decor? Have I gone too far? Or not far enough?

Much love,

Swell Vintage